If FreeBSD were a watch?

Well what watch would Windows be? This is my guess:

Hopefully a better watch than my current one which has been right only twice a day and stuck in a draw for the past ten years :D
FreeBSD would be a nicely packaged DYI kit with detailed manuals and open hot-line with the manufacture. You'd be supposed to read the manuals, assemble the kit and consult via the hot-line if time is off. :)
FreeBSD would be like my grand-grandfathers golden pocket watch I have. It has it scratches and rust but when I spin it up it runs like a charm an even after many days it shows the exact time. Then you notice, below the scratches and the rust is something that's very good you didn't expect on the first look. Something that does what it should perfectly. And even if that watch it is about 70 to 80 years old it hasn't changend, works exactly the same way as when it was 1.0 ;)
One day, when I will inherit the good 'ol onion watch from my grand(^something)father will be the day when I start wearing suits so I have a waistcoat pocket to keep in in, where it belongs. Keep old and reliable stuff and use it, don't follow all trends "just because".
This one:

Most Expensive (10 million dollars), most beautiful piece of art and with the most complicated mechanism (57 complications). Of course Vacheron Constantin. Of course not for everyone :) Sounds and feels like FreeBSD :)