Ideas on how to handle this conflict? The Gegl3 and Coreutils case

This is a known problem, at least for people needing this two ports.

There is even a bug report open, then, it seems, no one is interested.

This two packages conflict for a file:


This two ports are:




Considering no one seems interested in this problem but me and two or three other people in the bug report, can someone help me to overcome this problem and have both the ports installed?

Sadly the install fase of one of them if the other is installed end at the file collision level.

pkg-static: gegl3-0.3.20_1 conflicts with coreutils-8.25 (installs files into the same place).  Problematic file: /usr/local/bin/gcut
*** Error code 70

I bet they both will happily work if they just could be installed.

How to resolve this problem and finally do have gnome-photo working considering I do like that program?
The PR is closed as duplicate. There is one already exists PR 223462.

In the meantime you can try to change
in graphics/gegl3/pkg-plist
- bin/gcut
- bin/gegl3
- bin/gegl-imgcmp
+ sbin/gcut
+ sbin/gegl3
+ sbin/gegl-imgcmp

and in graphics/gegl3/Makefile
# temporary hacks to allow parallel install
        @${MV} ${STAGEDIR}${PREFIX}/bin/gegl ${STAGEDIR}${PREFIX}/bin/gegl3
 +     @${MV} ${STAGEDIR}${PREFIX}/bin/* ${STAGEDIR}${PREFIX}/sbin/
.include <>

or use the in the PR attached svn-diff.

I could not try it on my system cause net/uhttpmock (a dependency of devel/libgdata) does not install on my system (a securtiy/libressl problem).
Thank you to both of you. I hope to see his patch commited to ports soon. For now I fixed using your hack (just becouse it come first to my attention) and as I said I hope to see the official patch commited to ports system soon.
tobik@ 's patch adds instead of my line
@${MV} ${STAGEDIR}${PREFIX}/bin/gcut  ${STAGEDIR}${PREFIX}/bin/gcut3
(He did it with another syntax).
And then it is no need to change pkg-plist (or the path to sbin).

Btw, I could compile net/uhttpmock adding LDFLAGS+="-Wl,-no-fatal-warnings" (if you have similar problems like me).