icewm configuration

hi daemons,

I've just installed icewm and I would like to configure it. I know where configuration files are located and, in the end, I know I can do it mannualy. What I am missing are some config tools in ports for icewm.

In manual there is icemc, icecc, like here

Are there some ports of it ? I cant see anything. Also themes and other stuff. I am starting to think there is only icewm port and nothing more ... that's a shame.

thank you in advance

Me too I try now icewm and I cannot understand how to configure it! This tools don't exist on ports. Anyone any idea how to configure it?
After too much time, that I can tell is that I understood how to configure icewm. Just without the tools don't worth! Millions of options to write them one by one! No way!!!

what and how did you configured it? my post is year and something old but i would like to know and maybe i will give icewm a try.

i am looking forward to your hints, tips and howtos ! :)

have a nice day
I searched and found all this, that could help you make it if you want :) (and have the patience)
The configuration files (Create them on /home/user/.icewm folder)
You can customize IceWM by editing the following configuration files:

menu Controls the contents of the start menu
preferences Controls the general behavior of IceWM
keys Controls which additional key combos are available to users
toolbar Controls the row of launcher icons on the taskbar and has the same syntax as the menu file
winoptions Controls the behavior of individual applications (as identified by the names of their respective windows)
startup Script or command (must be executable) executed by icewm-session on startup
theme IceWM theme path/name.
prefoverride To override theme preference

Examples of all this files you will find them on /usr/local/share/icewm

The prefoverride file: In this file you can specify any preference which will override any preference specified by theme or anything else. This is introduced to solve troubles with order of preferences interpretation and give a user possibility to customize global things he wants to have allways the same.

Themes: Just create a folder named themes on /home/user/.icewm and add into it your themes :)

Menu: Should look like this . Also see this. The first is the name of the application as name on the menu. The second is the icon. The third is the executable. Always give 3 even you have don't want to set an icon of the application on menu.

Fonts: See this (must be written on prefoverride file)

Toolbar: Add apps on toolbar. See this

Finally see:

Themes, you will find here and here