I need something like conntrack -E command

I need to do with FreeBSD something like this linux command:

conntrack -E > log.txt

I have tried pfctl -s states and other commands, but I need something like tail -f .... so that whenever a new state is made, it will be logged in the log.txt

I need to log 24hours/day

please help me
pf(4) has a built-in logging feature - pflog(4). I do not have how to give you details now (the text below is incomplete), but you need something like this:

set loginterface $ext_if


And then you can read the log with something like this:

tcpdump -netttr /var/log/pflog

EDIT: also, take a look at pflogd(8).

I would like to see on the same line:
ip of client in the LAN, ip destination on internet

something like this ->

is it possible with tcpdump?
I remember I could get
my public ip - destination ip
private ip in lan - my public ip

but not directly ip lan - destination ip...

my interfaces are:
em0 lan
pppoe0 wan
I need the same goal, have you found a solution?
I need to log all connections from the PCs in lan to the WAN, IP PCs (maybe MAC address also) to IP WAN, only the start connection.

Thank you