I have to tell someone

I'm sitting in a luxury hotel in Chicago. In just two hours, my son's girlfriend will be brought here under the pretense of having lunch with a friend. Instead, she will be escorted to the grand ballroom where my son will propose to her.

She does not know, too, that my wife and I and the girl's mother will be in the restaurant itself to offer congratulations. (All of us live many hours away.)

It's an elaborate production involving thousands of cast members (Or maybe ten. he's an actor after all) and I haven't even told my brother. But I'm bored waiting. So I'm telling you guys.
I hope it works out, also. Not that she feels pushed, triggering a flight reflex. So, tell more :)
It was at the Chicago Hilton. They're both big Disney fans and he had a whole "Beauty and the Beast" theme going. She thought she was going to see some Disney stuff and, as she walked into the room, the music started up and the whole ballroom lit up. Some photographers asked if she wanted to have her picture taken with The Beast and out he came in the same coat and tie from the film. She couldn't figure out what was going on till he got down on one knee.

Then she broke down. They danced. Then came to lunch in one of the restaurants with us and, as I said, she didn't know we were all there.

It was all just so cool.
You know you don't mention if she said yes. Saying she broke down is ambiguous. :)

Congratulations and it's a day brightener to hear such a story. Thank you for sharing.
Thanks all.

I drank some celebratory champagne on an empty stomach. I should know better than to do that. Got a splitting headache but I'm better now.