HyperV Client - FreeBSD 11.1 HyperV Network Error

I continue to receive the following error on the console FreeBSD 11.1 install as a Hyper-V client. Network runs fine though and was able to run freebsd-update and pkg Had no problems with the install and everything else seems to work ok.

hn0: unknown RNDIS status 0x40010013

The error occurs again every few seconds.

My Hyper-V client is a Generation 2 with a configuration version of 8.0.

The virtual network bridge assigned to this is a Wireless Card.
Due to the silence here I am guessing I need to enter something into bugzilla. Or is there another route that would be advised?
hn0: unknown RNDIS status 0x40010013


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I played with it some before escalating it to anyone. It appears to only happen when I am using a specific wireless device in my virtual switch. So most likely something to do with that specific device. When I use a different NIC in the switch I don't experience the error.

Wireless device in question is a Cisco/Linksys AE6000 Usb wireless dongle.