howto install freeBSD on iMac/howto boot from CD


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I got a 2nd hand iMac that runs OS 9.1. I know very little about iMac but know a little about freeBSD so I decide to install freeBSD on this iMac. I downloaded and burned freeBSD 7.2 of both for pc98 and power PC version into CDs. Put each CD into the slot and hold C when boot it, every time it just ejects the CD and starts OS 9.1, with both the pc98 and ppc CDs. And it ejected the CD nomather I press the C key or not. When booting up I can browser the CD no problem. How should I do about it?

BTW I don't have Mac keyboard and mouse so I just plug in the MS ones maybe that cause the problem? But I can use the MS KB and mouse no probs when OS 9.1 boots up.