How to wake FreeBSD 13.2 on usb console cable? (UPS and NUT are used)

I have a HPE microserver Gen10 server running FreeBSD13.2 and a APC bk650M2 ch UPS which offers a rj45 to usb cable to connect to my Gen10.

NUT 2.8.0 installed by pkg running on Gen10 works well:

- system poweroff works well when power is outage and battery.charge is lower than battery.charge.low
- upsc <nutdev1> shows the ups status well

After shutting down the server in power outage, Gen10 should be booted while I restore power supply just like my Synology NAS did. But It is not. Gen10 is not booted when I restore power supply. I can only boot it by press power button and the /var/log/messages shows nothing related to usb information.

I turn on the 'pre-wake on lan' on Gen10 BIOS. The WOL works and I can boot my Gen10. I cannot find any keywords like 'usb wake' 'usb boot' on BIOS and just find the power loss status: (when power back machine should be) power on, power off, last status. Besides, I changed the power loss status to power on, but It is not working.

I want the Gen10 being booted when the power back. But I don't know what I should do next.

(What other information should I provide?