How to setup network for VirtualBox


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OS: i386 7.2-RELEASE-p1
Guest OS: WinXP Pro

I installed the VB and Guest OS WinXP, the only problem is I cannot setup network for the guest OS.
There r no options in the "name" dropdown list for both Bridged Adapter and Host-only Adapter. Among the available options, no matter which one i try, it doesn't work.

And I have referred I have used this command found on the web: VBoxManage modifyvm WinXP -nictype1 Am79C970A
I can only use the 2 am... adapters, i cannot get drivers for the others.

How to setup network for VirtualBox? Thanks in advance!



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As far as I know, currently only NAT is working. This should give you a IP in the subnet 10.0.2.x on the clients.