How to search forums for "ping" without finding "hoping"?

My apologies, I don't see where to ask this, or logical place to find the answer - is there a "search howto" for the forums somewhere that I overlooked?
The search function is rather basic. It simply strings words together with a logic AND and that's about it. It doesn't understand any of the "fancy" google or regexp type searches. There is an extension for Xenforo which uses ElasticSearch but as far as I know we don't have it.
This still not explains why searching "ping" results in "hoping".

Since the search engine is so simple and it doesn't give you any control for matching full words or substrings of words the engine assumes the latter case (substrings included) always for better coverage.
Yep, it basically searches for "*ping*". It's just a simple string search.
You can always try to add spaces before and after a search word if you don't care to find it as a substring...
Ah so it is not me then! Been trying to find threads with "Mac Pro" or "Intel Mac Pro" in the title... but searches always come up with 'No Results Found" which is both odd and annoying as I have seen at least one thread with mac pro in ..apart form my own thread..yet the search function fails to find either of them.

lets see what happens with Google Advanced then...I am a newbie here and don't want it to appear as if I am just firing off questions without searching first.
Been trying to find threads with "Mac Pro" or "Intel Mac Pro" in the title
The "problem" with the forum search is that this basically translates to "*mac* AND *pro*" and I do believe the search ignores keywords that are too short (3 letters).
Google does this too. Putting quotes around terms no longer helps. If you look carefully, you can find a "verbatim" option under their options which will finally actually search for what you asked.
Sure. But this generally gives the same results as without quotes. Click Tools then the "All Results" dropdown, which lets you choose Verbatim.