How to mount shared ZFS partition


I dual boot Mac OS X and FreeBSD and want to share a partition. I have a post on the forums on trying to mount an HFS+ partition, but it doesn't seem possible. I recently found a blog about using ZFS on Mac, which is now possible with read/write support.

So... I've got 4 partitions:
2 OS X system (needed for booting)
3 ZFS storage
4 FreeBSD

My question is how to mount the ZFS slice from FreeBSD. It was created from OS X via:

- created a ZFS formatted partition
- zpool create tank /dev/disk0s3
- zfs add tank/jwhendy
- zfs set mountpoint=/Users/jwhendy tank/jwhendy

So... now that this is done and the filesystem is populated with all my user data, I reboot into FreeBSD. Looking at the contents of /dev/, I see ad5s3, but cannot mount it.

I tried 'mount -t zfs /dev/ad5s3 /media/temp' with no success.

Am I doing something wrong here? I don't have an incredible amount of knowledge about ZFS - I just started looking into it as it seems to be the most likely candidate for sharing data between the two OS's. I realize that typically the mounting/unmounting/filesystems are simply managed by zfs rather than by fstab or manually mounting - what am I missing? I can't find anything about how to mount an existing zfs partition from an OS other than the one that created it in Sun's documentation...

Thanks for the reply. When I do 'zpool list' I get 'no pools available' and 'zfs list' gives me 'no datasets available'. Any other ideas? I'm just clueless regarding how to mount the slice...

I do know that zfs is 'active' I get a message regarding zfs being experimental in FreeBSD the version (6.0). 'kldstat' also shows that zfs.ko is loaded. Any other thoughts?

Thanks again,
I'm just suggesting random things here, but what does zpool import and zpool import -d /dev/ say?