How to load Xorg in Qemu virtual machine running FreeBSD as a guest?

Hello community!

I was surprised to visualize that I was not loading Xorg in the Qemu virtual machine that is running FreeBSD as a guest. How do we proceed to solve that?

I encounter this problem too, which seemed to be solved (more than a solution, a workaround) by compiling Xorg with GCC, as reported in
Thread FreeBSD11 Qemu on Xorg Fails.60824

Usually I prefer QEMU as VM too, but, given this, in the specific case of FreeBSD as guest, I just switched to VirtualBox which is flawlessly supported. Definitely better than wasting time in my opinion

Also, maybe using virtio(4) can solve this?
The port GCC cannot be built and gives this result.

# cd /usr/ports/base/gcc && make install clean
 make: "/usr/ports/base/gcc/Makefile"  line 23:  Please define CROSS_TOOLCHAIN before building

How to create a blank file /usr/ports/base/Makefile ?
The port GCC cannot be built and gives this result

If I remember correctly gcc only depends on lang/gcc6, and has no option to configure.

If you installed gcc6 from ports just remove it and install the gcc binary package.

How to create a blank file /usr/ports/base/Makefile ?
For what purpose?

You should just touch a /etc/make.conf file and place inside of it: