How to install pkg offline?


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Hello! This is my first time trying out FreeBSD on bare metal, as I want to use it as my main system (My second Hard Drive has Windows on it, for Games) and I do not have internet after the installation as I need to install this handy little software to get my phone to connect to my computer. I remember trying to do this once, but I had trouble since I don't know how to install pkg.txz offline. I have downloaded the file from here but I don't know how to install it as you need to use the pkg command to install things, correct? Thank you so much if you can help me out with this!



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Welcome on board!

Yes, ports-mgmt/pkg needs to be bootstrapped. You'll have to do so manually. You can find the instructions on the wiki. It's near the end of the primer.

Once that is done, all packages can be installed locally using # pkg add ./package.txz.

Of course, for packages that actually have dependencies, you'll need the packages as well as all their dependencies in the same directory.