Other how to get "kcmshell4" from ports ?

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I'm new to FreeBSD, I changed from Debian a few days
ago and I'm trying to get all my previous working enviroment working.

I use WindowMaker as window manager.
My favourite graphical file manager is Dolphin and i use it frequently.

I need to set specific click-a-file-associations in Dolphin, eg, if I click on a GoogleDocument
I want Dolphin to open a web browser with that document inside.
I already have these scripts ready, I was using them in Debian.

The problem is, in my Linux notes i wrote that, to configure Dolphin
i need to use the kcmshell4 program. And I can't find it in FreeBSD.

Do you know which package or ports should I install to get kcmshell4 ?