how to get/create ufsid's

Under 8.0-RC2, none of my drives have any ufsid's assigned to them. /dev/ufsid is empty. glabel list doesn't have anything either. As the only unix like OS I know is freebsd, I had a chance to use Ubuntu for about a week, and noticed their fstabs uuids and would like to try the same. I know that I can hand label via glabel.... but I was under the impression freebsd assigns uuids automatically since 7.2. Any help appreciated.




No idea about UFSID, but why not use filesystem labels? You can set them on existing UFS filesystem using tunefs(8); geom_label(4) will show them under /dev/ufs/.
You can see the ufsid of a partition (by e.g. `glabel status`) only while it is not mounted.
The ufs label which is created manually is shown for mounted FS, but the ufsid isn't. (At least I have it on 8.0-RELEASE).
Actually, the logic of this behavior is not obvious, but it is.
Dumpfs will grab the ufsid's,
#dumpfs /dev/ad4s1a | head -2

magic   19540119 (UFS2) time    Mon Feb 15 12:34:57 2010
superblock location     65536   id      [ [B]4b6c24ae 7fdfade7[/B] ]
man dumpfs

     If -l is specified, the pathname to the file system's container derived
     from its unique identifier is printed.

dumpfs -l ada0s1a