ZFS How relevant is Oracle's ZFS documentation to in FreeBSD?

Oracle has some really great ZFS documentation available here. I was wondering though, with FreeBSD (presumably) having a somewhat different ZFS implementation, how useful is Oracle's documentation to a FreeBSD user/administrator? Should it be basically identical? Is it just all completely different? Or what?

My observation is that most of it is virtually identical, and where the implementations differ, the zfs(8) and zpool(8) man pages makes note of it. However, some of the advice---like that found in the optimization and "Evil Tuning" guides---is out-of-date. As an example of one thing that should definitely be ignored, the Oracle docs warn against using disk partitions, stating you should use whole disks instead. This isn't applicable to FreeBSD, and might not be applicable to Solaris anymore.

In short, consult the man pages first, and the Oracle docs second; if in doubt, ask on the mailing lists or forum.