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Ayups. The > character indicates a quoted section of text.

And as bonus: although it is true that ZFS doesn't provide a dump/restore like backup scheme it does come close with its snapshot feature. Snapshots can be saved offline through means of zfs send as well as accessed directly on the filesystem itself using the hidden .zfs directory. By default this directory can be accessed in the root of every ZFS filesystem:
peter@zefiris:/home/peter $ zfs list -rt snapshot zroot/home
zroot/home@230718  10.8M      -  26.1G  -
zroot/home@240718  10.8M      -  26.1G  -
zroot/home@250718  10.8M      -  26.1G  -
peter@zefiris:/home/peter $ cd ../.zfs/snapshot/
peter@zefiris:/home/.zfs/snapshot $ ls
190718/ 200718/ 210718/ 220718/ 230718/ 240718/ 250718/
(I cut the output a bit to prevent this from becoming a huge list)

Those snapshot directories give me per-file access to all my snapshots. So if I suddenly discover that I changed (or removed) a file 3 days ago and I still need its contents then I can access said file within those directories. If you then also make sure to set up a mirror construction for your pool then things are becoming quite safe :)


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