How about two news sections ? Games and Blog ?


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How about two news sections ? Games and Blogs ?

Indeed, how about your opinion to create two new sections. One related to Games ... I know I know ... FreeBSD is not really an operating system to play .... but why not?
I use my freeBSD aswell to play just only a game(a famous mmorpg:e) with wine and it works pretty well.
And the section related to Blogs (about freeBSD for sure). Indeed, there are some blogs very interesting about our OS and it will be good to know these.

What's your opinion?


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I don't think a games section would be popular enough to warrant creation IMO and no, I don't play games on my *nix boxes ;)

Not sure I understand the blog section one.


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Last thing i want to find when i search something is some crappy blog
and games.... there are no games (well maybe toys)... let's face it (well except nexuiz)

p.s. blogs drives me nuts


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There are some good games - Doom, Quake III
and emulators - zsnes, snes9x, fceu, dosbox, mupen64plus;

but since these apps are also available for several other systems, I wouldn't suggest adding an entire subforum for them. They could be discussed just as well in the ports and development forums.


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Warzone 2000 ... :) And there are other that can be played via WINE, like EVE-Online, Call of duty and so on .... So a game section won't be so bad ;)



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As someone who uses FreeBSD on his desktop, I'd love a games section. :)


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I use FreeBSD as a desktop station , and play Warcraft III with wine
Here is my last screenshot with Warcraf III with wine



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idk but maybe a game trouble shooting for under games firewall section (haha dont laugh at me) might iclude ports list and settings for games, secure way of doing things and just general help. currently having issues with COD Mod2, Ports are open but Nat is 'strict'. lol



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I'm pretty sure that the admins will fork off a games sub-forum if the noise level warrants.


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I can see some rationale for a games section, for example to share workarounds and tweaks required to get a particular title to run (whether native, Wine or Linux).



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Perhaps if all you gamers would start posting threads about game issues, to the point that they were taking over the apps/ports forums, then it would be worth having a separate games forum. But, until there's posts, there's no reason to go through the hassle of creating/administrating a games forum.



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This is an old thread, but most threads directly related to gaming have been moved to under the following gaming tag: