Host name look up failure


After a fresh install of FreeBSD 10.3, I'm now getting the "Host name look up failure" after every reboot and as a result I have no internet access so I'm unable to move forward with the installation of Xorg; Desktop WM, etc. During boot, the OS does acquire an IP address, but when I try to ping either or I get the error mentioned above. I suspect my /etc/hosts file may need some tweaking, but not sure exactly what to add/edit. It currently has the "127.x.x.x localhost" but still doesnt work. Can someone paste a working /etc/hosts file so that I can mirror it and see if that does the trick. Any other solutions that you think may apply here are also welcomed.

would adding "" do the trick?
FreeBSD's manualpages are actually useful, unlike other Unix-like (personal impression: "want-to-be") systems. Sorry for the sneer, but I've become weary of systemd.

When in doubt check the manualpage: man resolv.conf will show you all you need to know. Or this link: resolv.conf(5).

However, I do agree with comments above: normally this would have been set during installation or through a DHCP lease. Might be worth looking into that.
Thanks for the suggestions. While I agree that dhcp should have handled all of this, for some odd reason it hasn't.

rc.conf file contents:

Contents of /etc/resolv.conf
options edns0
Try running

# local-unbound-setup

You might also need a
# service local_unbound restart

This should configure and restart your local caching name server (local_unbound).

I'm suprised that some of the variables in your rc.conf start with an uppercase letter (Ifconfig, Local_unbound_enable). First time I see that but maybe it's allowed.
I'm typing from my phone as I basically have the basic OS with no Internet and the output for ifconfig is too long to type but it does show "status" as being active.
There are no uppercase variables that was me typing from my phone..all variables in lower case.


Your suggestion worked. I'm now able to ping thank you.