Home directory on NAS box

Is there any way to set up my home directory on a NAS box?

I use a number of different systems and often forget which system I have left some work on...
If you mainly use Windows Samba would be good to work with. Just create a share and mount it on Windows. Then dump your documents there. If it's mostly UNIX(-like) systems NFS would be the way to go. Or use both, sharing the same things.
I have a FreeNAS box so have both NFS and SAMBA shares available, but is it possible to link my home directory there some way?
I had exactly that problem. I solved it by setting up a server-of-all-work based on 10.2 with a couple of big 3-way ZFS mirrors to hold everything. All the other boxes on the LAN mount the server's storage over NFS or Samba. Coming from an old-school background of stuff scattered all over the LAN, I could hardly believe how nice it is to have everything where I can find it without having to spend half a day chasing it down.