Solved hint.agp

I have an old Thinkpad laptop. In order to boot FreeBSD I need to add a device hints. I tried two of them and both work. Those are:
I have only a vague idea what it does, it seems to affect AGP module in the kernel. I know that there is hint.agp.2, as well. I am asking for clarification and what is the difference between agp.0, agp.1, agp.2 and more, if they exist.

Video card is old 82855 Intel based. OS is FreeBSD 11.
That's for disabling a device completely in case the driver causes problems. The numbers are device instances and in case of the agp(4) driver there usually is just one instance, the instance 0 because there very rarely are more than one AGP controller in a system.
When I ran Xorg -configure, it recognized two video cards, and there are two PCI bus addresses. One is for LCD display, and the other for VGA output, which can be used to plug external monitor. They are, actually, one single video card. Is that why both, agp.0 and agp.1, work ?
I guess the GFX card shows up as two distinct devices on the AGP or PCIe bus (if you have a laptop with real AGP hardware it's really really old) and the FreeBSD driver has to create two instances for both of the devices.
Believe it or not, the laptop was bought in 2005. It has been bought before IBM sold laptops to Lenovo and it is just refusing to die. I spilled something on it and HD refused to work. Then I cleaned it up and it works again. At the moment it serves as music, player, to download movies using browser plugins, so I could watch them off line with subtitles and to test UNIX and UNIX-like OS's. Also I am doing some software development on it when I don't feel like sitting at my desk. Sometimes I watch documentaries on it, they are often lower definition. At the moment I have Slackware Linux and FreeBSD on it.

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