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hi, i just install freebsd 7.1 rc1 and i decide to use openbox.
i install base system with out gnome an has install openbox + pypanel + feh.

everything is running smoothly but got one problem to autostart my openbox and pypanel

exec openbox-session


# This shell script is run before Openbox launches
# Environment variables set here are passed to the Openbox session.

feh --bg-scale ~/Pictures/wallpaper/modify.jpg &
pypanel &

with the command above, feh background autostart when start up but pypanel didnt appear..but if i disable feh command, pypanel load at startup.

help me to load both pypanel and feh at the same time please.

i think there is a problem with my autostart.sh.
hope you guys can help me figure out the problem

thanks in advance



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killasmurf86 said:
in .xinitrc first load panel, then launch openbox

i try this but still have no luck.
pypanel lunch only if feh is remove from the autostart.sh. x(


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I've been using Openbox and Pypanel for some years now and I have noticed this problem. It has nothing to do with feh as it will happen if you switch to something else to set your background.

The problem is with pypanel, sometimes it starts sometime it doesn't. I've been looking at it for the problem for sometime now but I haven't been able to figure out why.

You can try fbpanel or lxpanel. The only other thing is to start pypanel manually.


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I use this construction and it works for me :)

feh --bg-scale /PATH/TO/YOUR/BACKGROUND.jpg &
(sleep 2 && pypanel) &