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All, I was a bad sysadmin and took the "quick" route over the right way. And I get it, I screwed up. I was switching a file server over to new hardware that required UEFI boot and was in the middle of converting the system disks over (ada0). The server also has an 11TB RAID array with all sorts data on it in one large volume (hardware RAID, not ZFS, which I will be switching to!). The hardware array is (da0)

During the process, I was laying down the efifat image ( dd if=/boot/boot1.efifat of=/dev/ada0), but screwed up major by leaving off the leading "a"... So I wrote dd if=/boot/boot1.efifat of=/dev/da0. As soon as it happened, I turned the system OFF, cried a bit, and proceeded on dusting off those ole UFS recovery skills.

I thought I would query this wise forum to see if anyone had any additional thoughts on recovery options? The partition tables are fine, the RAID array is fine, I just blew away the file system in glorious ways. I have seen similar threads on UFS file recovery, but wanted to see if anyone had other ideas on a method of recovery given the mistake made above.

Thanks in advance!

From a similar thread:
OS tools:

fetch -rR <device>

Ports collection:

dd_rescue <- use this to create images to work with
testdisk <- restores content
tsk <- The Sleuth Kit

There are some commercial tools worth mentioning: "UFS Explorer"
can be run in wine. It probably won't restore your data, but it
can be used to determine if there is something to restore. Also
consider "R-Studio" and "R-Studio Emergency" (live CD). Those
offer free versions that can be used for testing.

Finally, I'd like to mention The Sleuth Kit. It's one of the
most powerful toolsets, also used in forensics and investigation.