Help compiling dalmatinerdb

I think it would be advantageous to have this software available for FreeBSD. Running Illumos or SmartOS is not an option in my organization.

However, I can't even get it to start to compile rebar.
Hey just found this, author of DalmatinerDB here :). I did do some fooling around with freebsd 11 the other week and Dalmatiner should compile when running gmake (the BSD make doesn't work) when erlang is installed. There might be a lib or two missing I don't remeber but generally it worked worked for me (hah works on my machine;)
I have started a port of DalmatinerDB. It's not complete yet, I think there may be a dependency I'm missing. But it's about 90% there. If anyone else would like to run with this draft of the port. (see attached)


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