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[ HEADS UP ] Ports unstable for the next 10 days


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&quot said:

As announced before, a few big commits, that touch some thousands ports
are being done: png, curl, x11, gnome, kde4. The target ETA is 6-7

The first one was done, update of graphics/png (including a shared lib
version bump), with about 5000 ports affected.

We do _NOT_ recommend updating ports until this commits are all done,
and the problems are fixed, except if you want to help testing / fixing.

Before reporting failures, please take a look at ports@ list, and
to find out if the problem hasn't already been reported or even fixed.
We also have two incremental builds on Pointy to catch the problems.

Thank you,

With hat: portmgr@
From freebsd-ports@, i thought i should spread the word.