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Hardware overvieuw

Discussion in 'System Hardware' started by dobby9, Feb 6, 2009.

  1. dobby9

    dobby9 New Member

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    After using linux fore several years now .
    I like to try Freebsd
    But please be patience with me do not know anything about freebsd
    My MOBO is P5LD2-X/I333
    CPU Intel Dual core 1.8GHZ
    HD 3 HD SATA
    HD controller emulating IDE
    Graphic card Nvidia 6200 Gforce
    NIC Realtek
    Printer Epson Syles D92
    My questions are did 1) Freebsd run on this hardware
    2) Install freebsd on on of this drives and
    Installing GRUB or how call in Freebsd
    on this drive
    3 Do I to do a lot of tweaking before it runs
    Thank you for reading my questions
  2. jb_fvwm2

    jb_fvwm2 Active Member

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    the hardware will probably work.
    i'd use GAG rather than grub. Backup your old data first !
    It should run right away but you have to install stuff, like
    user's shell (zsh?)
    the user(s) (non-root)
    programs (/usr/ports) , the ports tree, ways to upgrade
    best to see install guides on the web. They might give you
    an idea how soon you'd be doing other things besides installing.
    I did the initial install in 2004-2005: comparison:
    weeks until windows98 modem working: 1-2
    weeks until freebsd (same) modem working: 1-2
    firewall, desktop, X, window manager, utility programs, etc.