Graphics programming in FreeBSD


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Didn't know where to ask this question so I will just use this thread. Maybe my question is way off base but I will ask.
Lately I have been really into computer computer graphics, OpenGL, Vulkan, game engines etc. and I am really interested in the whole low level side of it. I stumbled upon FreeBSD by accident ang grew really interested in it because: 1. it's open source and 2. it doesn't have a GUI (at least not by default).
So my question is what graphical possibilities does FreeBSD offer? I know about Xorg and Wayland but I'm thinking even lower than that. Does it support OpenGL? Does it have the required video drivers? I am currently running it on a Raspberry pi 3 so I am guessing I'll need a system with a proper GPU.
My goal isn't really to make anything groundbreaking it's just to understand the whole graphical pipeline better (and maybe draw a triangle or two :) ).
Sorry if the question is vague and not suited for this forum, or even this OS, I'm a newbie in all this. It's more of an informational question.
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You might find LLVMpipe (The software OpenGL rasterizer) to be fairly capable. It can certainly draw you a triangle or two. Perhaps even three ;)

I am not sure about the Raspberry Pi and LLVMpipe, its CPU is generally a little weaker but that said if you have a later generation (3+) then it has a fair number of cores to parallelize the rasterization stages.

When it comes to OpenGL, FreeBSD is pretty much on par with Windows and Linux.