graphics/colord breaks dispwin (argyllcms) profile installation

I've been using a fully colour-managed desktop with x11-wm/windowmaker, xiccd (compiled from source) and graphics/colord. My setup is based on this guide: Thread 51153.

In the last update to graphics/colord, the build was changed to support libcolordcompat. See: Unfortunately, this breaks installation of profiles (setting the X Atom) using dispwin from graphics/argyllcms. I believe this is due to a bug in libcolordcompat. The error is exactly the same as the one in this bug report for colord:

Note that the bug report is for colord 1.3.4, and claims it works for 1.3.3. However, I think that 1.2.12, which is the port version, is also broken in the same way.

I was able to make it work again by manually editing the Makefile and pkg-plist for the port to not use libcolordcompat. This further confirms my suspicion above.

I posted this in case someone else has this problem, and also to suggest that libcolordcompat be made a port option, instead of hard-coding it in. I understand that we cannot do anything about the actual bug till it's fixed upstream, but making libcolordcompat optional will make it easier to work around it.