Gparted-like program for disk analysis

Can anyone suggest a FreeBSD program similar to Gparted which can analyse a disk in terms of partitions and filesystems. I have a disk where I am unable to identify the filesystems on the partitions, and don't know how to identify them...
Alain De Vos wrote:

I have written a gtk3-gui on top of gparted. …

Alain, please, might you make the code available?

I know, the underlying software is not without limitations, but something akin to GParted could please users who want, or need, a GUI to such things.

(There is something with a GUI in the ports tree, but I can't recall its name at the moment, and it's not on a par with GParted.)

A few notes:

… When I last performed data recovery for a colleague, I used (amongst other things) DDRescue-GUI. From my notes at the time: "Booted instead from a USB flash drive with the latest image for Kubuntu, with gparted and DDRescue-GUI added.". …

Phishfry wrote:

… not a task for newbies.

gparted LiveCD supports UFS but not grow and shrink.

… no alternative but command line. …

And so on.

From page 6:

… is it too late to add an idea that was not expressed (here) before the summary was published?

I assume, not too late (a handful of additions since then).