Solved gpart: partition free space anomaly

Hi all,

Over the weekend I ordered an upgrade for my VPS, which is hosted by TransIP in Leiden (NL). As part of the package, the allocated SSD space is now 150G.

I followed the instructions on a support page (Ik wil een nieuwe partitie in FreeBSD maken)
for using this additional space, but I encountered some weirdness.

See this screen capture:

Screenshot from 2017-05-07 10-07-03.png

As you can see I have rebooted using the FreeBSD rescue.

The total amount of space reported by gpart show for vtbd0 is 150G, yet the amount of free space is only 512M. I would expect this to be ca. 100G, and that I would be able to create a new UFS partition of that size in this space.

Also, what am I to make of "CORRUPT" indicated next to vtbd0?

I asked TransIP tech support about this, but the guy who responded yesterday didn't have an answer for me.

Any ideas?