good mp3 player


I have looked in the /usr/ports/multimedia and see several programs for playing MP3s Is there any particular one that people would recommend to me?


It depends on what features you need. I like multimedia/mplayer. I use it from the terminal. There is a gui too. It is enough for me: I can play playlists (m3u files), shuffle, play from stream, play videos, ... very versatile.

But, if you want ID3 tag database support and other features you need another player: audio/amarok-kde4, there are others I can't remember now - sorry, I quit with other players years ago.

audio/mpg123 if you need to play just MP3.

Oh, I took a look at the Handbook, and yes, I remember I used multimedia/xmms , like winamp .... nice player!
With GUI, I prefer audio/clementine-player which is a fork of Amarok with Qt and not KDE. Also, I used one year ago multimedia/audacious.