Gnome wayland status.

Hello, I'm glad I can make it to land on freebsd OS (recently I'm using Linux distro for couple years). Btw, how is gnome wayland status ? I mean, is it usable now ? I'm trying to launch it via display manager (lightdm and sddm) but it's always unsuccessful and get kicked back to login page. I'm also trying to launch it directly from tty with XDG_SESSION_TYPE=wayland dbus-run-session /usr/local/bin/gnome-session and have same result. I have lightdm log and sddm log, also this is the tty outputs. Thanks.
Gnome has Wayland support. Maybe not regarding FBSD but it's there.

This is Fedora with Gnome running on top of Wayland using an NVidia GPU:

Good things will be coming shortly. Gnome gdk4-wayland is coming among other things; Gnome Wayland simply hasn't landed in BSD land yet. I scoured Freshports and found nothing concerning Gnome and Wayland at all, but have come across Wayfire so that's where I'll be. Best wishes and be safe.