Gnome seems to crash on the first login


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FreeBSD 12.2-RELEASE-p3

Just installed today on Asus Zenbook UX31E

I installed Gnome following these directions.

I used the enable GDM method (the first thing it lists).

When I log in, as soon as I open any application, Gnome seems to crash and put me back at the login screen. If I login again, things seem stable.

Also, (and I have no idea if this is related), when I log out, I'm stuck at a black screen with a block cursor in the upper left hand corner and there's an unresponsive mouse pointer in the lower right hand quadrant of the screen.

I updated my system using freebsd-update.

Any ideas or clues as to why Gnome is crashing (and why it seems to hang on logout) are appreciated. Thank you.

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It's the same for LXDE. This crash only happened just once on the first start, later times it worked without any problems. Don't know if your GNOME is the same as my LXDE or just continue to crash.



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I used the enable GDM method (the first thing it lists)
Try switching off GDM to work out whether it's GNOME or GDM that's causing the issue. The next section in the handbook page that you've linked has an explanation on how to start GNOME using startx. Try that and see if you get any error messages on the command-line.