gnome permission problem

i have this problem when try to edit gnome setting..

for example, i want to change the theme for the login screen, i open the login manager..and error occur that i cant use the application because the didnt event ask for the root password..i simply cannot lunch the application.

any one got idea or have same problem?

You could also install gksu and modify the gnome menu to use it. Then it'll popup a password prompt before launching the login manager.
gnome add user and group

Gnome add user and group don t work on root. It s look like it I don't have the permission to do that in root like the user and yes
I had gnome_enable="YES". Gnome add user and group work in 7.0 but not in 6.4 and 7.1rc2 i cant enter in the software but i can do noting help please