GIT Client in base?


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Hi All,

This may have sailed past me, but what GIT client is in the FreeBSD base akin to /usr/bin/svnlite please?

Or does one need to install a port based client first to grab the FreeBSD source code?

Just want to confirm the official approach please!



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GitHub (FreeBSD is choosing to use this as a mirror?) currently supports SVN clients. So svnlite should actually be adequate until Microsoft notices this feature is useful and disables it.

By then hopefully we will have some implementation of git in base (git, got, git9, etc)


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What I don't understand is what happened to devel/git-lite ?
I see it was deleted and some mentions of flavors in the final commit:
"Convert git slave ports to flavors"

I used it as it has minimal dependencies. So where is this functionality?
I under stand this was a FreeBSD specific minimalistic build of git.(Slave Port)
Where did it go? Foldered into main git port?


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That's great. Of course you can install the package directly from FreeBSD repository (pkg install git-tiny) or use the code mentioned in my post above to install from ports (env FLAVOR=tiny make install).


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git can be ported to freeBSD so that no linux depends are present. a mega-server wheighing tons and power company to store a million projects ... cannot be imported to svn

really nothing to do with if SVN or GIT is better ... it's what the man with the machine is talking to you with


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what announcement announced this change of functionality and more importantly how to utilise it?



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The (still supported, although this will change, but probably not too soon) "standard" way for end users to update their ports with portsnap didn't change at all, so no need to announce anything here.

About transitioning ports to git, there were many mailing list postings, announcements also spread where you'll find anything you need for now if you want to get ports directly from the repository.

The handbook still has to be updated regarding this (and I'd expect that pretty soon). The update was already done for src:

And regarding the original question: No git client is in base, and it doesn't really look like one will be included too soon. You will see discussions whether svnlite actually needs a replacement. Many seem to think it doesn't (which IMHO makes sense, you don't have to follow source repositories, it's optional…). The other discussion is whether portsnap will need a replacement once (maybe after EOL of 13) it is removed. Some think it doesn't either, but it also looks like gitup could be a candidate for replacement. But it's probably too early in these discussions to predict the final outcome.