General question from a newbie about minor upgrading of Dovecot


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I have a production server with Postfix+Dovecot bundle.
I need to add Sieve features, so I`ve found that I`ve got to install either

Let`s see I try to install the latter:
# pkg install dovecot-pigeonhole04-0.4.24_2
Updating FreeBSD repository catalogue...
FreeBSD repository is up to date.
All repositories are up to date.
The following 2 package(s) will be affected (of 0 checked):

New packages to be INSTALLED:
        dovecot-pigeonhole04: 0.4.24_2
        dovecot22: 2.2.36_4
At the moment I have dovecot2-2.2.31_1 installed from binaries and happily running for my users.
I have read pkg help upgrade and
and couldn`t find any signs of problem for upgrading.

So the questions are:
1. Can I without any anxiety install dovecot-pigeonhole04-0.4.24_2 that as far as I know removes my existing dovecot2-2.2.31_1, installs dovecot22: 2.2.36_4 and after it will start without a problem? What should I do IF there are problems with starting/running new dovecot (it`s a production server)?
2. Is there any manual/good_article with general advices like how to maintain packages on live BSD systems? Maybe people clone those live systems before upgrading and try to do it safely on the clones, (for such minor upgradings like mine it could be probably too complicated and not worth of time spent but who knows)...
I have my mail server running on Vsphere but I might lose some data between snapshots. It`s a very general misunderstanding, because, for example I must update pkgs with vulnerabilities but how could I know I won`t break anything...

Thanks in advance!


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as far as I know removes my existing dovecot2-2.2.31_1, installs dovecot22: 2.2.36_4 and after it will start without a problem?
Yes, that's the idea. But keep in mind that Dovecot 2.2 is deprecated and will be removed at the end of this month, same with Pigeonhole 0.4. So you're probably better off taking the opportunity now and upgrade to Dovecot 2.3 first. Then you can have a another look at adding features/functionality. Or else you're going to spend some time getting it to work on 2.2 and will have to do it again for 2.3 next month.

DEPRECATED: End of Life upstream, use mail/dovecot instead


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Thanks for an answer.
But there is another obstacle: here I see this:
Configuration Options

===> The following configuration options are available for dovecot-2.3.4_5:
====> Database support
    MYSQL=off: MySQL database support
So I need to add this functionality... oh, I`ve just found my own notes of this server installation, I actually installed it from ports exactly because this MySQL option needed...
But it`s not a good idea to mess with packages and ports in BSD anyway... So what options do I have?


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If you have jail then you can create new mail jail and rebuild everything to be sure it's working then switch over to new mail jail. It's good opportunity to get rid of excess or outdated files to free up the space on the drive. I did that last month and my new mail jail is 4GB less now.