Solved GELI issue - geli: Wrong key

First time, I have the following error.

user@hpv3:/root % sudo dd if=/dev/random of=/root/data1.key bs=64 count=1
1+0 records in
1+0 records out
64 bytes transferred in 0.000215 secs (297142 bytes/sec)
user@hpv3:/root % sudo geli init -s 4096 -K /root/da2.key /dev/mfid0p8
Enter new passphrase:
Reenter new passphrase:

Metadata backup for provider /dev/mfid0p8 can be found in /var/backups/mfid0p8.eli
and can be restored with the following command:

# geli restore /var/backups/mfid0p8.eli /dev/mfid0p8

user@hpv3:/root % sudo geli attach -p -k /root/da2.key /dev/mfid0p8
geli: Wrong key for mfid0p8.
geli: There was an error with at least one provider.
user@hpv3:/root %

Any suggestions?


Staff member
There's a discrepancy with your keys. You're using dd(1) to create the data1.key but the other commands show da2.key. So it looks like you're mixing up keys.
Anyway, my bad. Key name is one thing, but I missed "-P" during geli init. It should be like this.

sudo geli init -e AES-XTS -l 256 -a HMAC/SHA512 -s 4096 -P -K /root/da2.key /dev/mfid0p8