Other GELI - cannot read metadata

I have a drive that has been sitting around for quite some time. I have tried multiple SATA USB adapters to no avail. When attempting to decrypt the device with GELI, I get this:

geli: Cannot read metadata from da0: Invalid argument.
geli: There was an error with at least one provider.

Of all the drives I have backed up the GELI metadata, this was not one; however, if I had, in theory, could I do?
geli restore <backup> da0

Lastly, I didn't think it was necessary to ask, but the drive is most likely not recoverable at this point?
I have this problem for couple of months. My metadada somewhere else also crashed in between. Disk has two partitions, first one works fine. Second partition is not regularly used and maybe went south when migrating to a new machine or Freebsd 12.

# gpart show ada0
=>        34  1953525101  ada0  GPT  (932G)
          34   209715200     1  freebsd-zfs  (100G)
   209715234  1743809901     2  freebsd-ufs  (832G)

# geli attach -k ada0p2.key /dev/ada0p2
Enter passphrase: 
geli: Cannot access ada0p2 (error=1).
geli: There was an error with at least one provider.

Did you recover anything? Is there anything else to
No, I did not recover anything - I already marked the drive as unused, so I didn't try to recover it. It might be a good exercise to see what would happen if the GELI metadata gets corrupted, but the data is still intact. I should be able to just restore it from a backup assuming I have one.
I managed to ressurect the other disk that contained GELI metadata, but didn't have time to play with it. It might work but I still wouldn't rely on this.