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does anyone here use fvwm-crystal?

i am trying out lightweight wm's and like this most, but don't like the mouse to focus style (as opposed to click to focus). there is an option to set this as "ms windows style", but it is either buggy or i am missing something else. (works at first, after a while, mouse click doesn't focus, i have to use alt-tab).

(or is everyone on fluxbox?? :OO )



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thanks alot smurf, i was doing searches for fvwm-crystal, not fvwm ( which has more of what i was looking for).

i am actually using fvwm now instead.

can you recommend a file manager ? i mean, what do most ppl use for these types of wm's? (if they do).

rox is ok, and i don't mind the shell,but ones like nautilus get things done faster to me. I have thunar, wondering if there is something else ppl find good

thanks again


Son of Beastie

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I haven't been using file manager for more than half year now.
Last time, when I tried File Manager, using it was so slow.

If you need to customize everything then x11-fm/gentoo is for you. Otherwise I'd use nautilus

btw, fvwm-crystal is modified fvwm. :)

If you want, you can try my fvwm theme (here are some a bit outdated screenshots: http://www.failiem.lv/list.php?i=ikovro)
You will need to modify it a bit ;)

P.S. I love fvwm

icons: http://www.failiem.lv/down.php?i=azpkbi&n=ks86_fvwm_icons.tar.bz2

To have at least console working, make sure you have installed x11/rxvt-unicode