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I did a quick search about Fvwm3 and fvwm in general on this forum. Hopefully, a short introduction and what myExt (extensions) is offering, is welcomed.

Fvwm is a virtual window manager for the X windows system. It was originally a feeble fork of TWM by Robert Nation in 1993 and has evolved into the fantastic and flexible window manager we have today. The default install package (without dependencies) + a minimum startup-config, is 2.5 Mb. Home page: https://www.fvwm.org


It gives the user the choice of expression. Details such as the appearance of the window, function of panels, pager, and programs are created and defined by the user. As well as adding additional scripts such as conky, xfcedashboard, and dmenu of user's choice.

What does myExt config package offer? It is my choice of expression with the following aims in mind (no scripts):

1. Faster, simpler, and more efficient workflow. And a modern look.
2. Useful for different users’ interests and needs.
3. Allows placing windows on an area much larger than the actual size of the visible display. Provides the space and visibility when strained to a small screen or poor eyesight.

4. Keeps things out of the way (auto-hide). Easy window management - quick access of apps, panels, and buttons to get things done.
5. No distraction by small minimize, maximize, or close buttons. Or limiting the hand movements of resizing or moving a window.

This is a model for you to use, modify or create your own extensions.

Screenshot + guide image (click on image):

Video showing the VWM of Fvwm3, followed by an introduction (click here).
Looks interesting but it is a lot of work. I realylite to install it but the problem is because I didn't learn settings enough.
I am running the FVWM3 + myExt configs in Linux. Should not be any difference in BSD.
When you load FVWM3 for the first time, it creates one hidden directory .fvwm. The look is the same as the first screenshot in my post.

Download and copy the content of myExt package into directory .fvwm (don't copy the root .fvwm but the 10 sub-directors and 5 files).

Logout and login. The screen will look similar to the second screenshot.
It works, not everyhing but t works. I did try one by myself with tint2 panel because I have installed it and use it with Openbox.
It is fast and you can do whatever you wanted but my Openbox do everything what I need it and with much less works.
Thank you.
I have uploaded the latest myExt config package 1.9.8 on Box-Look. An improvement on the virtual management config (vPager4pg.sys) and the config structure in general. Link to box-look.org FVWM myExtensions 1

The wallpaper is inspired by the latest MX Linux 21 update “Wildflowers”. It matches well with myExt configs. :}

This is the announcement for the new myExt version 3. It is quite different from the previous one with the aim of being user-centered. Where the user can make changes and create his or her own. Hopefully, this removes the old image of Fvwm being difficult to configure. Also, it is easy to share user-made configs. And co-exist with other Fvwm based WMs and DEs.

Version 3.0.2 will be soon uploaded. Until then, take a look at this preview video of myExt.
FVWM KISe (Fvwm Keep-it-simple & elegant) - is a simplified version of Fvwm-myExt collection of ready-made scripts (configs). Kise is a simple and elegant base, and feature-rich to use. There are 25 scripts of functions, styles, menus, decor, and modules.

* Desk Launcher (includes): Iconfied Thumbnails, Windows Overview, Tiling, and Work Desk.
* Work Desk with navigation buttons and 4 Desks with 2 Pages each (Web, Email, Work and Misc. desk).
* Icon/Application Panel
* Task Panel
* Calendar/Day/Time Panel
* 4-button Window Title Bar
* Page Indicator
* Elegant transparency and shadows.
* Window focus on all desks and pages.

Documentation and instructions for individual scripts.
Tested on Fvwm3 and Fvwm2

Download and extract. Copy subfolders to ~/.fvwm
* Requirements & Dependencies read setup/INSTALL.md

Screenshots and download on Pling: