Other Freezing with i3

Good morning.

I have been using i3 for a few weeks in my laptop and I like it very much for its simplicity.

The notebook has the following characteristics:

* Graphics Intel HD 530 (I have installed the drive> xf86-video-intel)
* It has an nvidia graphic, but it is deactivated from the BIOS

The only problem I have is that when I exit i3, the system remains frozen. The only solution is reboot the system ( ctrl + alt + supr ).

I have looked at the Xorg file and the verbose from i3, but I have not seen anything that can suggest where the problem is.

Have you ever happened to you ??

Thank you if you can lend me a hand.

Thanks a lot :beer::beer:

In this case, use slim for work or wait to CURRENT.

The problem is that slim for me, is impossible to reboot or halt the system...

Thanks a lot