Other [FreeNAS] msdosfs_iconv doesn't exist, do I really have to recompile my kernel?

Hey guys, i have a small problem with unicode filenames showing as question marks when mounting a external drive on my FreeNAS 9.10.

When I attempt to mount my FAT32 drive with the locale switch, I get this:

[21:36:51 - 16-07-18] /mnt/Furius/chaz % sudo mount_msdosfs -o large -o ro -L en_US.UTF-8 -D UTF-8  /dev/msdosfs/MYBOOK /media/external-furius
mount_msdosfs: cannot find or load "msdosfs_iconv" kernel module
mount_msdosfs: msdosfs_iconv: No such file or directory

My current gpart output for that block device
=>       63  976773105  da0  MBR  (466G)
         63      16002       - free -  (7.8M)
      16065  976752000    1  ebr  (466G)
  976768065       5103       - free -  (2.5M)

=>        0  976752000  da0s1  EBR  (466G) [CORRUPT]
          0         62         - free -  (31K)
         62  976751938      1  !12  (466G)

It's an extended partition, but it should be able to read as it works everywhere else.

I read that the missing msdosfs_iconv requires a kldload but I don't seem to have the kernel module. I read about a few other people having this same issue and they recompiled their kernel for this module and it worked.

It just seems really weird that FreeNAS doesn't support unicode filenames on FAT32 by default.

Using FreeBSD for the first time here, Linux sure has spoiled me :/
FreeBSD (10.3, at least, but probably all currently supported versions) does have the msdosfs_iconv module available by default. FreeNAS, on the other hand, has whatever the FreeNAS people decided it should have.

PC-BSD, FreeNAS, NAS4Free, and all other FreeBSD Derivatives

FreeNAS may be derived from FreeBSD, but it has important differences, and is not FreeBSD in terms of support and giving you good answers to your questions. They might have a good reason for the module not being available by default, and their forums are more likely to get you an explanation about why they have excluded it or done something differently.