FreeBSD'er needs SUSE help!


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Have been using FreeBSD 7+ years, dabbled with early Linux, installed & used late-breaking Ubuntu destop, and now am being forced to install & support a bundle of app's (including PostgreSQL, PHP, etc.) on SUSE in a VM environment. First surprise was the SUSE file structure, second surprise was that no significant storage space was provided.

I asked for more space on the SAN and was asked, "where you would like it mounted within the file structure?"

On a FreeBSD box I'd mount it under /usr or under a new purpose-built directory.

SUSE, though, stashes PostgreSQL databases and Apache logs under /var by default (which worries me as /var on this box is < 2Gb and databases & logs...grow), web pages under /srv and I'm still trying to find everything else.

Can any experienced SUSE users out there offer any guidance?




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In a worst case you can give unionfs a try under your Linux box - shouldn't cause much problems