Solved FreeBSD13.0-Release-p1: changelog?


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freebsd Hi eveyone, this morning i made a freebsd-update fetch install , the update process were straightforward, and now my system is running FreeBSD13.0-Release-p1.
I would like to see the changelog but i found it nowhere.



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Or use the source:
cd /usr/src; git log release/13.0.0..origin/releng/13.0


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I had a quick google doesn't look like release notes for a point release patch level update, TIL

edit: fixed, I said point release by mistake


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doesn't look like release notes for point releases are a thing
The -p1 here is considered a 'Patch Level". True there are no Release Notes for patch levels.
There are for point releases.
A point release is FreeBSD 12.1-RELEASE or FreeBSD 12.2-RELEASE also called a minor version.
FreeBSD-12.0 Would not be considered a point release but a major version.