FreeBSD wiki whine


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It is very difficult to take this seriously, this is not the standard I kind of expected:


Still going to push through to try and get an account because I think I can do a lot of good here. But I wil be honest: this de-motivates pretty badly.


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Don't you guys notice anything weird about my screenshot up there? :-/
The Green lock is good, firstname lastname is ok, because it's an example to use two words.

The reCaptcha: version 1 is shut down. Direct site owners go to ...

They've asked for editing permissions to the Wiki on the FreeBSD-Doc mailing list. They've mentioned the captcha was broken, and it told them to ask there.


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The site is very antiquated in its web presentation, both design-wise and frontend code-wise. A while back, I offered to look into fixing that up but was told the backend code that generates the HTML is, for the lack of a word that wasn't used, difficult to change. I tried a CSS-only solution to the presentation but it's a mess of a HTML document structure. I wasn't willing to do that much work for free.

Note the word "wasn't". News by the end of the month.