Solved FreeBSD .vhd file (virtualization).



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I wanted to use .vhd file to test some things on Virtual Box. System launches and logs into root properly but I can't write anything to that .vhd. It says that "memory full". I tried also on Hyper-V and it was same. I'm using Windows 10 pro as a host OS (admin account ofc).
FreeBSD .vhd file has dynamic memory allocation setted(2.7/4 GB), but Windows server I have as dynamic .vhd works well. I tried to rewrite .vhd to static but it worked same (4GB). Now I installed from iso and it works well both on dynamic and static.

Did I do something wrong or missed something? .vhd downloaded from here ofc.


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After you create the Generation 1 VM in Hyper-V and attach the existing vhd disk select the disk click edit and expand the disk.