Solved FreeBSD v.13.1 --> Burning Install DVD --> Confirmed Error

Tried to burn image on DVD of:
and then

sha512sum check = good.

burning image generates same error (see attached screen capture),
==>> "Fatal error during recording: invalid argument" <<==
for both files, at approximately the same spot (around 99% complete),
tried on two different computers, with exactly the same result.

Problem with the released files?

For the record, I burned the same images for FreeBSD v.13.0 on same computer(s), all worked fine.


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Could be a bad batch of DVDs ? Or your dvd burner might be failing. You can try a command line dvd burning tool instead. If it's just for personal use, I would write the images to usb flash drives, because it's way faster when it's reading and writing out. And also while installing. I haven't installed any OS on a DVD in 8+ years.