FreeBSD system installer


I'm requesting some feedback for the install scripts here: provides a helper to install scripts into the filesystem.

git clone

cd install

cp app-* /usr/local/sbin is used to modify an existing FreeBSD USB UFS image with the install scripts. It is installed onto the USB thumbdrive by:

git clone

cd freebsd-installer

mount /dev/da0s2a /mnt/usb

ROOT=/mnt/usb app-install

umount /mnt/usb

One you have prepared your USB thumbdrive, you will boot up to that then install FreeBSD:

NET=<network device> DEV=ada0 DEV_NAME=<DEV_NAME, ie. SAMSUNG_256.1> HOSTNAME=<hostname for machine>\ BRANCH=master provides a sample configuration for what the freebsd installer will do:
1. add packages - contents in here will be installed via freebsd pkg
2. boot loader - add contents to /boot/loader.conf
3. chmod - change permissions on files (and dirs)
4. chown - change owner/group on files (and dirs)
5. downloads - download files (and optionally verify them)
6. extract - extract (downloaded) files
7. files - place contents into the ROOT fs
8. fstab - modify the fstab
9. go - install go cmds
10. groups - create groups
11. links - create symlinks
12. rc - configure /etc/rc.conf
13. run - run script in chroot
14. sysctl - configure /etc/sysctl.conf
15. users - create users