Freebsd programs and App Store

Iphone has BSD like OS (correct me if I'm wrong). It will be nice to see some programs (games, etc ) from FreeBSD run on Iphone. More important, it may be a good way to collect fund for the FreeBSD foundation by putting some applications on App store!
AFAIK the Iphone runs a pretty stripped down version of OS-X. OS-X is a mach microkernel and some bits from the monolithic FBSD kernel attached to it. OS-X also uses some of the userland tools/libraries of FBSD. Everything else is Apple's own creation. It's sort of a BSD but not quite..

The Apple Appstore is horrible, if Apple doesn't like your program it's not going in the Appstore. So much for freedom of choice :(

Also keep in mind license issues. The base OS uses a BSD license but most of the ports don't (GPL).