Solved FreeBSD + pfatt - Possible?

I am looking into replacing my pfSense installation with "vanilla" FreeBSD - I am still in the discovery phase of this project but so far, I think I should be able to mirror my pfSense installation over to FreeBSD (which obviously makes perfect sense).

I am currently using the pfatt WPA supplicant method to connect my pfSense firewall directly to my AT&T fiber ONT. In reviewing the shell script, it looks like it should be adaptable for straight FreeBSD, i.e. removing calls to PHP, etc. I wanted to see if anyone else in the community is using FreeBSD with pfatt as their firewall. Thanks in advance!
Could you please post your script. I have a version I modified that worked rock solid with 12.1 but when I upgraded to 13.1 and used the same config the EAPoL authentication with wpa_supplicant is failing.